... Motivating Movement!

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We are dedicated to MOTIVATING MOVEMENT

Urban Athletics Academy is a brand new facility that provides an environment where athletes can enjoy experiencing sports like Parkour/Free running and "Warrior Obstacle Course" Training.  We also offer programs for Cheerleading, Acrobatics and Tumbling.  No matter your age, skill, or athletic level, the academy is a place for students to explore the art of movement, increase fitness levels, learn to set and reach personal goals.

Our coaches come to us with various amounts of experience in their specific disciplines, and in addition have completed a specialized Urban Athletics Coaching Program.  Our professional staff is committed to offering the highest quality of instruction while making a positive impact on each athlete's life.  Urban Athletics Academy promises to support our athletes and continually encourage them to reach their true potential.

Make sure you check our SCHEDULE page for a full list of classes, dates, and times.  Please see our FAQ for information on what to expect, what to wear, etc.  

OUR MISSION is to offer a unique athletic development and training facility dedicated to providing an atmosphere that is fun and exciting.  Every athlete is encouraged to strive for excellence, perform their best, and accept nothing less than progress in the journey to reach their true individual potential.