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Q:  Is there a membership fee, and what does it include?

A:  There is a $40.00 membership fee for each athlete registered.  It is a annual fee added to your tuition upon initial registration, and annually on that same date.  Membership includes drop-in class opportunities as well as discounts on all parties, clinics and invitational events.

Q:  How do we pay tuition (payment policy)?

A:  Paying tuition - A credit or debit card on file is required to register for classes.  Each session will be paid in full and is non-refundable unless there is an injury incurred in our facility.  Registered athletes are granted priority enrollment on new sessions, camps, or clinics. 

Q:  Is there a family discount?

A:  We offer a generous discount on multiple classes per child and/or multiple students from one family.  Our discounts are: first class is full price, any additional classes 10% discount.

Q:  How long is a session?

A:  Our sessions average 9 weeks.  We are closed from Dec 17/17-Jan 7/18, and April 1-8/18.  Season wraps up June 21/18. 

Q:  Can my child try a class?

A:  At UAA we are committed to quality instruction and athlete progress.  By allowing kids to "try" a class we would compromise the learning opportunity of established groups and our instructors.  Kids are welcome to come and watch a class and our administrators would be happy to help you answer any questions.  We also advise that you look on our schedule or call our administration to inquire about times of classes to ensure that you are able to see the appropriate class for the level(s) your child may be in.

Q:  How do I know what level my child is at?

A:  If you have not been a part of our programs before you may call or email administration to arrange an evaluation for your child. Because there are many aspects to sports such a parkour, obstacle and cheer we find that most children are strong in some aspects and weak in others.  We are dedicated to moving our students along as fast as they would like to progress so as they move up we will let you know.  We start everyone at entry level unless they have experience with the discipline they are joining.

Q:  Do you have Drop-in Classes?

A:   No we do not have drop-in classes.  We do have POWER HOURS that are accessible as an invite opportunity from a coach or a punch pass.  These are times set aside for athletes to work skills that need extra attention, new skill development, or to try a new discipline.  These classes have a structured warm-up and mostly floating coaches. 

Q:  Do I have to be enrolled in classes to come to buy a punch pass?

A:  No.  You do not have to be enrolled in classes but you are  required to have paid the annual membership fee.  This covers your insurance in order to participate. 

Q:  Do you have private lessons and workshops?

A:  We do have time slots for private lessons and run weekend clinics for members only.  Each athlete will be cleared or requested to attend by a coach.  This will ensure athletes in each group are at a compatible skill level.

Q:  What if i want to withdraw my child from Classes?

A:  Sessions are non-refundable unless there is an injury incurred in our facility.

Q:  What should students wear?

A:  Uniform requirement are black bottoms with white/black top.  Absolutely no buckles or zippers.  CLEAN INDOOR runners are required footwear. Urban Athletics Academy apparel will be available for purchase.  Hair must be tied back (except for dancers), and jewelry must me removed (small stud earrings are allowed).

Q:  Are you closed for holidays?

A:  We have a Holiday Break  (Dec17-Jan7/18) over Christmas and a Spring Break (April 1-8/18) over Easter.  Exact dates of closures can be found posted on our website on the HOME page.